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Call for Papers

Prakash is a peer-reviewed biannual journal. It invites research papers, substantial abstracts of dissertations, major project reports, analytical book reviews, case studies and concept papers -- relating to the field of .Architectural and design research, which includes such topics as architectural technology, environment and behaviour, design methods, design theory, application of design, crafts and design, architectural theory, architectural practice, design programming, business design research, computer applications to architectural practice, information technologies for design professionals, post-occupancy evaluation, environmental evaluation, social-impact assessment, forecasting for the environmental professions, user participation, environmental education for the public, energy, site planning, topology, and building configuration.

Urban design and planning research topics include social, geographic, administrative, and political studies of the factors that contribute to the shaping of neighbourhoods, cities, and urban regions. Also of interest are topics that relate research to public- or private-sector policy setting and administrative decision making.
Architectural design, interior design, and urban design may be of particular interest to practicing architects, designers, and urban planners. They will cover the above topics as related to practice and allow for publication of architectural, interior, and urban design projects.

A sample paper in >doc format is enclosed herewith for ease in preparation and editing the research paper as per the requirement of the Journal. The research paper completed in all aspect should be sent to sumantadeb@omdayal.net / sumanta04@gmail.com

Sample Paper