A Bi-Annual e-Journal of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning OmDayal College of Architecture


Prakash, Vol I issue 1 (2023)

Sl. No Vol I Issue 1, March, 2023 Page No.
1 Authors Suparna Biswas & Mainak Ghosh 1 - 4
Paper Title The trend of mall culture in India and shopping behavior of the youths: A perspective of Store Attributes
2 Authors Ar. Abhiroop Das & Dr. Sanjib Nag 5 - 7
Paper Title Study of existing core area’s urban development related to mass rapid transit system: Formulating strategies and recommendations
3 Authors Samit Biswas 8 - 11
Paper Title Forms of Rationality in Modern Architecture
4 Authors Suparna Biswas, Dr. Mainak Ghosh
& Ananya Biswas, Anyarupa Mukherjee, Arundhati Kundu, Ayantika Howlader, Bhaswati Sarkar, Joyita Naskar, Koushik Jana, Koustav Bhadra and Saheli Sengupta
12 - 16
Paper Title Analysis of Pattern languages in Indian Context
5 Authors Sumanta Deb & Dr. Keya Mitra 17 - 19
Paper Title Economic Rationale for Spatial Configuration of Shopping Malls
6 Authors Sandipan Sinha 20 - 27
Paper Title Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Smart Cities in India